Thursday, November 20, 2008

do you know?

the most harmful word that will wreck your personal improvement in anything, with fitness being in mind at this moment is "i know" im sick of hearing it! people know everything i guess. well, guess what? if these people knew everything about fitness then it wouldnt be such a big deal for them to get in shape because they would "know" exactly what to do and when to do it. the problem is they dont do it! you only truly "know" when you actually complete what it is your thinking about. for example - you know how to lose 20lbs. so in this sense you know but have you done it? you only really know until you've actually done it. once you tell yourself that "i know" your mind shuts off to the outside world and you seize to intake useable information. ive been there and done that! i dont know everything about health and fitness and never will. thats funny because other people seem to think they do know everything and dont need help. well, im here to touch those people that will allow me to change their lives! for the others that know everything i got some words for you - do it and get it done!!!

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