Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry christmas!

I just want to reflect on some thoughts from this Christmas so far. I must say I felt something very special last night at my church service. i realized something. that something i realized was that GOD put me on this earth for a purpose. that purpose is to change people's lives through their health and fitness. i knew that's what i was doing before (helping people) but i know for sure that is really my sole purpose. I really felt a true "connection" with God last night. Ive never really openly talk about my feelings with God but I really feel like my body and mind went through a real change last night. I've always had a strong following and belief in God, but after last night its even stronger than ever! I'm ready to take this next year to a whole new level and I'm ready to bring anyone who's willing to follow me with!!! Lets all Get It Done in 09! So, here's to a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

holiday madness workout

ok so, its the holidays. its easy to make excuses for things like eating healthy and getting your workout in. i know these things as well! im guilty of it too. this is what i do. i like to call them "madness workouts". you can do a madness workout in as little as 4 mins!!! don't believe me. this is how it goes- pick an exercise, for example i did bodyweight squats today. what you will do is you will start a clock and do reps of your exercise, as many as you can do. you will be performing this exercise for 20sec straight, once 20sec hits you rest for 10sec. all you do is repeat this 8 times. now if you have more time and can actually make it in to the gym you can use this on any exercise you want. you can even pick multiple exercises and combine them together. so for example:
bodyweight squats 20 sec
rest 10 sec
bodyweight pushups 20 sec
rest 10
repeat x 4
There you have it! just repeat for times and that's four mins and i'll bet you'll be sucking for major air because you'll be working your whole body in short interval bursts. this workout is based off of the tabata method which will get you into shape fast. feel free to mess around with the time you perform the exercise and the resting interval if you'd like. pick 1-4 exercises that are complex movements(squats, lunges, box jumps, pushups, bodyweight rows, push press, sprints, dumbbell swings, ect), so tricep kickbacks and bicep curls are out!!! its all about intensity and going hard for short burst. now go out and get it done!